Exploring Edmonton Through My Sweet Tooth

by Sydney Hampshire

Being from a small town, I harbour little love for big cities. However, even I must admit that there are perks to living in Edmonton. One of the greatest things Edmonton has to soften my heart is its cuisine. I love cooking, and I love eating. There is perhaps no better way to express your true self than through creativity and expression. Food provides a broad medium for expression, and one of my favourite types of food is dessert.

As such, I have culminated a short list of shops around Edmonton that will provide you with a tasty treat and perhaps something much more wonderful: a glimpse of joy. Dessert may not explicitly change the world but it can create a lot of good. There is power in the happiness you feel when you devour the perfect chocolate cake, or the childhood glee you feel when you purchase the most delectable ice cream cone you’ve ever seen in your life. Perhaps, these positives will encourage us to spread good will in the world.

Instead of pairing descriptions and pictures I have decided to create a short and simple list and to showcase each shop’s website so that you can explore them further. Each of these shops is much greater than that one simple picture, so I encourage you to explore their websites. Many of them are family owned, Alberta started, and/or purely Canadian. We should be proud that the Y-E-G has so many destinations! Very few other Albertan cities have such a luxury. I encourage you to click on the link in the restaurant name, explore the website, become spellbound by the products, and, of course, pay the shopkeepers a visit.



If you’re looking for an easy place to start your own dessert journey, perhaps the most convenient is Earls. You can laugh, but their Sticky Toffee Chocolate Pudding is anything but funny. It’s perfect for so many occasions: lunch, dinner, after a night out, on your way home from a Bears game, and, in some cases, even breakfast.


Duchess Bake Shop

No list of Edmonton desserts would be complete without mentioning Duchess. Between their “Monthly Features,” “Packaged Treats,” and “Pastry Menu,” you’re bound to find something you absolutely love! If your stay there leaves you feeling inspired, you can always walk over to Provisions and start up your own bake shop at home. The Duke is my must-try cake.


The Cheesecake Café

Your first visit to the Café would usually mean diving into one of their many award-winning cheesecakes. However, when enough time passes, and you can draw yourself away from the glass displays, I recommend you try the Banana Split Cheesecake. There are so many layers to that thing, but what makes it for me is the semi-frozen pineapples and strawberries hidden within the vanilla ice cream and cheesecake.


Italian Center Shop

Even though the website doesn’t show enough pictures to immediately entice you, you must go to one of the Italian Center Shops! Their bakery has fresh breads, cannoli, biscotti, pastries, cakes, cookies, and other treats. Whenever I go, I’m usually drawn to their tiramisu, profiteroles, and chocolate cake.


Block 1912

“Voted Edmonton’s Best Desserts, Coffee Shop, Gelato, Soups, and Sandwiches.”

Nothing is more comforting than good food paired with a good drink. Luckily, while you’re at Block 1912, that food can be anything from cake to gelato, and that drink can be anything from coffee to wine, making it the perfect destination for day or night.



Flirt Cupcakes

Cupcakes normally aren’t my thing – I don’t like overly sugary icings. However, with different buttercream and cheesecake options even oddities like me can still find something they enjoy at Flirt Cupcakes. As well, their business is 100% Edmontonian and they show that by giving back in this community.


Crave Cupcakes

Crave is slightly more expensive than Flirt, however, there is more of a selection. They offer cookies, cakes, pies, and specialty cupcakes. I encourage you to check out their “Speciality Cupcakes”, as posted on their website. They’re quite impressive.


Moonshine Doughnuts

Moonshine is a pop-up company that makes stops at the University of Alberta in the Student’s Union Building (SUB) on Thursdays from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm. They seem to always have different doughnuts every time I visit so I don’t think I can suggest you try a certain kind. However, I do recommend you check out their webpage and their Instagram photos!


Crepe Delicious at Londonderry Mall

I’m a sucker for a good dessert crepe. Maybe it’s my Hungarian heritage? Palacsinta! Either way, the gelato here is also very good and so there’s something here for everyone.


JACEK Chocolate Couture

There are many stores and outlets throughout Edmonton and Sherwood Park where you can buy this Edmontonian artisan chocolate. If you like shopping and supporting local, you should consider treating yourself to a box of truffles while at your local Save-On-Foods or visit their flagship store on 104th Street.


I know this can’t be all the great dessert places in Edmonton, so let me know if there’s another dessert place in that I simply must try by emailing sydney.hampshire@thewandereronline.com.

Thanks YEG!

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