Farid Iskandar: lobbying across Canada for education

Following several years as a dedicated member to Phi Gamma Delta, a fraternity on campus, Farid made a jump to student councillor for the Faculty of Engineering, a leadership role that took him into the 2011 year. However, it is his subsequent transition to VP External of the Students’ Union, and his various advocacy initiatives at both the provincial and federal levels of government, that led to his selection for the Top 100.

Though Farid’s major is in mining engineering, his understanding of philosophy and ability to make logical, coherent and persuasive arguments is among his best skills. This was particularly evident throughout the 2012 year, where Farid established himself as a thoughtful and skilled orator in university boardrooms and council chambers of University Hall. While maintaining a relaxed disposition, Farid advocated for greater accessibility to voting options in provincial elections for U of A residence students, the reduction of mandatory non-instructional fees and a more student-friendly copyright law across Canada.

Farid succeeded in his efforts, paving the way for his successor, Petros Kusmu. And to top this all off, Farid became Chief Returning Officer of the Students’ Union, and capped-off a strong March executive elections season, adding one more significant accomplishment to the last year. One of the most patient, reflective and present students on campus, Farid is the essence of student leadership.

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