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On October 12, FIFA suspended Christine Sinclair for her comments made DURING THE SUMMER OLYMPICS! The suspension is for four games and $3500, and it comes about two months after the Olympics. It’s hard to believe that FIFA is serious here. And what did Sinclair even do? Well, she complained that the refs seemed to be on the States’ side from the outset of the match. Not exactly the worst thing a player can do, especially after some questionable calls that cost Canada a silver or even gold medal.

Considering how Sinclair’s entire career led up to the breathtaking Canada-USA match, where she scored THREE GOALS and gave Canada a chance to upset the powerhouse of women’s soccer, you can see why she was a little peeved following the match. So one might ask, “Shouldn’t FIFA just let it go? After all, this is a player providing mild criticisms during the heat of the moment.” Nope. In other sports, here’s what nets a four-game suspension:

– In baseball, a pitcher intentionally hitting a batter (and the ensuing brawl between teams), usually costs the pitcher ONE START (so about five games).

– In hockey, a questionable hit often nets the player something in the five games vicinity.

– Same thing in football. Of course, it depends on the type of hit (or in the NFL’s case, off-field incident), but we’ve seen players hit the turf even after shooting themselves in the leg, DUIs, bar fights, etc.

And Sinclair criticized the refs to the media, when they DESERVED IT, following one of the closest games in Canadian soccer history. Good effort FIFA, good job there.

If it’s any consolation, Canada’s men’s soccer team topped Cuba 3-0 in World Cup Qualifying, pushing Canada even closer to that ever-so-elusive World Cup berth.

Outraged by FIFA’s antics? Or do you feel sympathy for their decision? Comment below. 

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