Fiji Islander Among 2012’s Biggest Campus Parties (280) | The Wanderer Party Patrol

Phi Gamma Delta, also known as “Fiji,” is usually known for its academic and sports prowess, but the 2012 Islander party in Dinwoodie Lounge suggests a little more. On September 22, from about 10 pm until 5 am, Dinwoodie Lounge in the Students’ Union Building hosted about  280 people, dancing to the playlist of DJ Nolan Kennedy. The approximately 280-person attendance is the largest U of A fraternity party showing of the year.

With the recent Deke fraternity suspension, fraternity parties have seen a moderate decline; however, fraternities like Fiji, Pike and Delta Upsilon have hosted some of campus’ major bashes in 2012. Islander is a welcomed addition to the list, considering how it was only a small event in 2010 and 2011.

In order to capture the full extent of the party, we turn it over to Twitter.



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