Final Destination, Vancouver: Pandas go Sleepy Until September | The Wanderer Sports

In a do-or-die battle of Goliaths in Vancouver, the UBC T-Turds eliminated the Pandas soccer team, prevailing 4-0 in the Canada West quarters. The Pandas fielded a strong team in 2012, with one of Canada’s top goalies, several high-scoring strikers and solid midfielders and defenders; however, this happened to be one of the most even years between teams in recent Canada West history. Even Regina and Saskatchewan, which tend to suck at Canada West soccer, were decent. REGINA!!! They’re only good at… men’s football. And cross-country. Go figure.

Though the Pandas won’t win the 2012 CIS Championship, they maintained a perfect record throughout much of the season, collaborated with The Wanderer on one cool project and maintained their own team blog, one of the more entertaining reads from any student/student group on campus. UBC might advance to the semis, but hey, a T-Bird team blog would probably suck… and come on… we all know TWU will eliminate the T-Birds anyway.

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