Finals are Coming, but you Just Gotta Chill… for Charity | The Wanderer Events

Starting at about noon on November 14, a large crowd of students gathered around several hot-tubs and a giant pool in Quad. It was that time of the year again: Chillin’ for Charity hosted by JDC West. But unlike previous years, it wasn’t too cold outside. With a slight wind chill, the temperature was probably around -5, but that didn’t make the polar bear-esque jump any less frigid; once you hit the water, you lose your breath, rise to your feet and dash toward the hot-tubs. More than anything else, Chillin’ for Charity is a combination between peer pressure and an adrenaline rush. Once you see your friends out there, you really can’t resist. Whether it’s the JDC West team collectively diving into the pool or a cannon-ball by the legendary Harry Chandler, or Josh Le snapping photos, Chillin’ for Charity brings out students from across the U of A looking to create some lasting memories.

This year’s seventh edition of Chillin’ for Charity brought what was perhaps a record crowd, with an estimated 150 students in attendance. The organizers of the event, like Nicole Huygen and Aileena Minhas, are no doubt proud of the turnout, with the 150+ enjoying the copious amounts of Red Bull, white chocolate cookies and repeated diving that compares to the feats of the Italian national soccer team.

On behalf of The Wanderer, we wish everyone a quick recovery from the flus likely to result from the ice-cold outdoor dives.

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