Follow Finland, Complete Your School Work In Four Hour Blocks | The Wanderer Life

So you’re pressed for time. You have three midterms this week AND a handful of assignments. You’ve been thrown into the ocean and are struggling to stay above water. This is October, you’re tired, stressed and probably a little bit behind.

According to Saku Tuominen of the Idealist Group in Finland, you can pack most of your daily work into an uninterrupted, four-hour time period. In this Lifehacker article, Tuominen suggests that every week and month, you should create three clear goals that you would like to accomplish. Structure your thoughts around these goals, so that during your down time, your brain subconsciously works on them. Find a four-hour period during the day where no-one bothers you, so that you can go 100% on these tasks.

For many of you reading this, the idea might seem outlandish. With university classes and whatever else you have on your plate, it’s tough to find four hours free of interruption. However, university is a pretty independent and flexible environment, where down time does exist. USE IT.

If you’re serious about earning that 4.0 or staying on top of your work, then Tuominen’s four hours of concerted effort might be what helps you accomplish your goals.

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