Four Restaurants for the Inaugural Food Review | The Wanderer Online

Dear Readers,

Well, last week, we asked for recommendations of restaurants that the readers of The Wanderer Online might be interested in visiting. Within a few days, we received 40 recommendations. We did a preliminary Google search to narrow down the numbers a bit, but boy, it was a tough call as all of them looked really good.

So, we have four restaurants on our list right now. We’ll pay all of them a visit and post reviews for each one soon.

On our first food adventure, we will visit Tres Carnales in downtown. It is known as one of the best, if not the best, Mexican restaurants in Edmonton. Then, we will pay homage to Amy Quon from the Quon Dynasty by trying out her food at Chicken for Lunch. Afterwards, we’ll drop by at MRKT on Jasper Avenue and then end the first chapter of our food journey by trying out some authentic Japanese ramen at Nomiya.

We are pretty stoked. And you should be too. Stay tuned.

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  • Erika

    Nomiya is not authentic and their ramen sucks. *anger*

  • Kin

    Nomiya is great. I have plenty of Japanese friends that actually said the ramen tastes authentic. Their ramen is great. Even their sashimi is amazing…BIG pieces!