Fulfilling that Curry Craving | By Jiannan Zhang

As we approach the second month of school, many of us are beginning to get into the cycle of university, which is essentially: Lectures, Exams, Coffee, and Sweatpants (in no particular order). Some of you may already feel stressed out, even though you know that this is just the beginning of a long year. It is also around this time that our cravings for certain things return. Some may be craving a notification on Facebook (insert forever alone pic here), while others are lining up at Marco’s Donair for a tombstone (aka a delicious suicide). No matter what you’re craving, the moment you obtain it, it feels like you can simply do anything.

For me, nothing hits the spot like a table full of delicious Indian food. I went on a quest about a week ago to satisfy my cravings, which was also a friend’s birthday. Needless to say, expectations were high. We came across a small family restaurant a few blocks north of Jasper Ave, situated beside a large “Fine Southern Cooking Louisiana Purchase”. Although the smell of burgers and hot wings were appealing, we knew what we really wanted.

The birthday meal was extravagant. With some crispy veggi samosas, a creamy veggi korma, a house special lentil masala, a spiced-up Fijian lamb curry, and the most unforgettable butter chicken I have ever had, the several baskets of butter naans just didn’t seem to be enough. The restaurant specializes in Indian-Fijian fusion, giving it a distinct flavor that is simply a luxury. Moreover, the prices were reasonable, especially for poor and hungry university students. The guests could also determine their ideal spice level from a scale of 1-5. No matter how spicy your dish is, you will come out of the restaurant with a big smile (whether you’re really satisfied or your mouth just can’t move anymore).

If the above description sounds mouth-watering to you, feel free to go make a visit.  Indian Fusion Curry House is an ideal restaurant for a friends’ gathering, a romantic date, or a loner’s dinner. Take a break from school, and treat yourself to a delicious evening. We all deserve one.


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