Getting Down With Spamalot the Musical: Pop, Jazz, and Medieval! | By Louis Nguyen

Spamalot is truly one of the most hilarious, entertaining, and awesome performances that I have seen in a long time. Even for myself, someone who does not know much about the Monty Python works or Medieval English stories, watching Spamalot was time well-spent.

This play has more than just a funny story to back it up. It has both substance and style. The costumes are beautiful, sexy and playful. The stage decorations and props are brilliant, and the singing and dancing are on point. Spamalot, is what I could only describe as, Medieval music, meets 30’s Jazz, with a hint of 90’s pop: classic yet classy and funky fresh.

Also, their nod toward gay marriage was golden. Who would have imagined John Ullyatt’s Sir Lancelot could be such a “dance-a-lot” disco queen with a funky taste in BDSM? The best on-stage chemistry of the night must have been between Sir Lancelot and Farren Timoteo’s Prince Herbert, with their solid portrayal of gay marriage, overshadowing the love-story between King Arthur and the Lady of the Lake. Rather than using gay-theme as a ploy for a cheap laugh, they effectively put a social message behind the work while keeping everything fairly PG-13.

My favorite character of the night, however, had to be the fabulous Susan Gilmour. She sure knows how to work a stage with her off-the-hook vocals and excessive “diva attitude.” Susan brought to the stage solid diva vocals with her melismatic performance of “The Song That Goes Like This” and the hilarious, but ironic, “The Diva’s Lament.” Gilmour’s jab at Britney Spears was witty. And Susan: with pipes like yours, I would put you next to Celine Dion – and no less.

Overall, attending Spamalot was one of the most unique experiences that the fantastic Citadel Theater has to offer to the City of Edmonton right now. Come and experience Spamalot for yourself at the Citadel Theater until May 19.

Photograph courtesy of David Cooper

Actors pictured: the cast of Spamalot


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