Giselle General: Toastmasters, governance and business in one

In 2012, Giselle General had an all-star year, contributing to the University of Alberta community in a wide range of capacities. One of the most diligent and professional student group leaders, Giselle brought seriousness to each of her leadership activities, approaching her work with considerable thought and care.

As the first Student Governance Officer in the Students’ Union’s Discovering Governance program, Giselle accomplished an ambitious set of goals, from putting together the annual Council of Faculty Associations retreat in March 2012 to beginning a Canada-wide research project looking at the representation of women in student governance. Giselle’s contributions to this project will surely be felt in years to come, as the U of A Students’ Union serves as a leader in this research area.

Moreover, Giselle transitioned from Vice-President to President of the U of A Toastmasters Club, a student organization that plays a valuable role in developing individuals’ confidence in public speaking. And as if these activities weren’t enough, she wrote monthly insightful blog posts for the School of Business.

The epitome of quiet glory, Giselle is humble about her accomplishments. Yet, as one looks closely at what she has done in 2012, it’s clear that her leadership has affected her peers in meaningful ways, helping build skillsets and dispositions that contribute to their wellbeing.

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