Golden Bears and Pandas Top 10 Or So Rankings: November 5 | The Wanderer Sports

It’s been awhile. Yes, the last time we posted anything for our Top 10 Or So Rankings was probably three weeks ago. Sandy had yet to hit, Obama hadn’t muffed his first presidential debate, and students were only bracing for midterms. Now, the midterms are mostly over, the Bears and Pandas soccer seasons are winding down, the football team solidified another winless season and the American elections are TOMORROW. Time flies. Well, we’re back, so here are our rankings:

1. Pandas RugbyBRONZE. For the first time in ages, the team gained the single Canada West spot for nationals, and then won two out of its three games there. For this, they are number one in this week’s edition.

2. Bears Soccer: In a trying match versus hard-nosed TWU, the Golden Bears escaped with a 3-1 win over 120 minutes of play. They did this in part thanks to a puzzling goal by Cam Schmidt in the final seconds of overtime. The Canada West extra time loss to UBC is tough, but whatever, CIS Nationals next week is all that matters.

3. Bears Hockey: Maybe Mount Royal gave up on its season last week, because they were CRUSHED at Clare Drake against the Golden Bears. The scores? 6-2 and then 7-0. The Bears hockey team has now matched the football squad’s offensive output for 2012. Go team.

4. Canada West Soccer Fans: About 100 fans braved the cold at Foote Field, but there was one group of students in particular that heckled the opposing teams and kept the other fans smiling throughout the entire 240 minutes of weekend soccer. With the amount of TWU and UBC DIVING, there was plenty to poke at.

5. Bears Basketball: It’s nothing to cheer about, but a 2-0 start to the season is a perfect one for Craddock’s team. The coach’s CIS title guarantee? It’s early, but it’s still possible.


7. Golden Bears Volleyball: The team is NUMBER ONE IN CANADA. And they escaped a tough weekend against UBC, maintaining the flawless 4-0 conference record.

8. NCAA Div. One Football: The weekend games between Notre Dame-Pitt, Alabama-LSU and Oregon-USC were incredible. Thus, the NCAA AP Top 25 makes its way onto Canadian turf.

9. ARGO: A very entertaining movie where Ben Affleck stars as an undercover foreign service agent, attempting to return six Americans from Iran to the United States. Go see it.

10. Pandas Hockey: Split the away series against defending CIS champions, the Calgary Dinos. Pretty impressive.

120. Bears football: 0-8 season, stamped, sealed and sent to who-knows-where.

1000. TWU and UBC soccer players. The team rosters suggest that many players are in Phys. Ed., but that’s surprising. They would make the Dean’s List in Fine Arts (Drama Majors).


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