Golden Bears Volleyball Hit Number One in Canada, Hammurabi is Satisfied | The Wanderer Sports

For the first time since 2010, the Golden Bears volleyball team is ranked AHEAD OF TRINITY WESTERN, AT NUMBER ONE IN CANADA. (Second to the Bears is TWU, of course.) Though the Bears have lost two matches this year, they did so in the pre-season to TWU and Saskatchewan, two of Canada’s other highly-ranked teams. To start the season, the Golden Bears ravaged Saskatchewan. Next up is UBC.

On the women’s side, the Pandas volleyball squad is ranked number three in Canada. Like the Bears, the Pandas swept Saskatchewan on the opening weekend, making up for the football team’s two losses to the Huskies this year. An eye for an eye, as Hammurabi would say.

One of the major take-aways from the national volleyball rankings is this: where the hell is TWU? It’s somewhere in B.C., but where? Additionally, WHO GOES THERE? And why would one go there? (More specifically, why do top volleyball players tend to migrate to this ┬áplace?) These are major questions that cannot go unanswered.

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