Greek This Week: S**T Greeks Say | By Braiden Redman

Every week, Braiden Redman of the University of Alberta’s Interfraternity Council provides you with a new take on Greek life. Today,  he explores some of the key terms and slang in Greek campus life. 


What is with all these Geeds pledging Tri-Delt and those weird Legacies hanging out on campus these days?

Hold up a minute. What was all that gibberish? Greeks have their own subculture so there’s a certain language that goes with it.  Today I will be your translator. Ok… So… what is a Tri-Delt, right? Is it a math constant? That thing from Legend of Zelda that you can’t seem to type online?

Actually, it’s the shortened name of a women’s fraternity named Delta Delta Delta.

Well there is no Tri-Delts on campus (anymore, it’s been inactive since 1959) but most Greek groups on campus are colloquially known by something other than their full Greek name.

A Tri-Delt house (CC photograph courtesy of “dietjay” on Flickr)

Typical Greek Slang:

GDI or God-damn independent, or Geed: Greeks referring to people that are not in the Greek system.

Rush: Greek slang for recruitment time or a person who is able to be recruited.

Legacy: An individual with a family member previously in the Greek group they are now joining.

Pledging/Bid: When a chapter decides they’ll allow you to pledge, you’ll receive a bid or invitation to join and then you will become a pledge or trial member.

Pledge: A person who is in their first semester of joining, just checking things out and seeing if they’d like to become a full-fledged member. During someone’s pledge term they learn the customs and traditions of a Greek group and get acquainted with the members.(Kind of like your trial period on Netflix except probably longer, each fraternity and sorority has a different length pledge period)

Big/Little: In most Greek groups, one gets assigned a Big Brother or Big Sister, a person that is an active member who helps guide the new member and get them acquainted with the group.  The little is just the pledge paired with that member.

Active member: A person that is an official undergraduate member of a Greek group as deemed by the customs/traditions/laws of it.

Chapter House: The place where members of a Greek group meet up, where some live and generally the center of operations.

Initiation: The point in time when a person changes from pledge status to active status.

Sister/Brother: Name for fellow members in a Greek group.

Formal: A formal dinner held by most Greek houses once a year.

Letters: The (Greek) letters of an organization normally referring to clothing with them on it.

CC photograph courtesy of “beautyredefined” on Flickr

News Time!

In Anchor Splash news, on Monday night Delta Gamma president Erin Earles was serenaded by the Greek community in fraternities’ attempts to gain valuable points.  Coming in first place was DU (Delta Upsilon) with their Delta Gamma rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody.  In second was Fiji (Phi Gamma Delta), or I guess in this case Fijette spice girls did a Delta Gamma version of Stop and coming in third was Lammie (Lambda Chi Alpha) with a DG-themed version of Grease Lightning.

The most beautiful eyes on campus were found to be Team Pi Kappa Alpha/Kappa Alpha Theta’s on Tuesday.   They came in first place receiving 275.12$ in votes! The rest of the rankings were as follows: Delta Chi, Delta Upsilon, Phi Gamma Delta and Phi Delta Theta.  All the funds raised from this event and the others will be donated to CNIB!

Ramen has recently been laid aside for soup. Points are important. The casualties are high. In the wake of the disaster, pantries have been littered with unlabeled soup cans. The soup label drive was yesterday, rankings are:

1. Pi Kappa Alpha/Kappa Alpha Theta – 1,234

2. Delta Upsilon – 1,068

3. Kappa Sigma/Pi Beta Phi – 806

4. Phi Gamma Delta – 558

5. Delta Chi – 511

Today is spirit day so make sure to create your anchor splash posters! (If you’re Greek of course!)

Friday is the anchor auction, with delicious baked goods and a silent auction. All proceeds go to a good cause so stuff yourself silly with the DG’s home cooking!

And Saturday is the long-awaited anchor splash at the West Pool at 12:30 pm. You know what’s going on. Bathing suits. Swimming. Maybe a new anchor splash champion. Be there or be square.

Finally, there is a Pi Beta Phi Open house on Monday at 7:30pm.

That’s all for this week guys. Contact “” for topics, ideas, corrections etc.

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