Greek This Week: Starstruck | By Braiden Redman

Lists are fun. Here’s a list. What do these gentlemen have in common?

Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, Woodrow Wilson, Calvin Coolidge, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Gerald R. Ford, Ronald Reagan.

Well, they’re all presidents of the United States right?  But seriously, hold up. We live in Canada, why do we care about them?  Well, every president AND vice president in American office since 1825 – save two presidents and two vice presidents – are known to be members of Greek societies. Crazy. More relevant to us, three Canadian Prime Ministers are members of fraternities. Conspiracy theories start now right? Well not exactly. Let’s think back to what a men’s or women’s fraternity/sorority does and how this relates.

(Queue flashback)

In all of the Greek groups on campus there is an executive committee of sorts which typically consists of positions like President, Treasurer, External and a few others.  These positions are great leadership positions and help people like prospective politicians learn a few skills whilst letting them experiment with leadership.



So you’re telling me these politicians have learned everything in their role from their fraternities? Do they tell you the secret code to the White House and put you on a list of approved presidential candidates?


Not exactly. While you don’t get in on some super top secret conspiracy, it’s no secret people in the Greek system have a greater advantage in networking over your average university student.  It is a social organization after all: the description “speaks” human interaction.

With this American election stuff going on though, all this talk of politics is getting boring. Do all Greeks just end up politicians?

Nope, not at all, so let’s talk about celebrities. I’m going to throw some names out there. They’re all in Greek organizations. Bill Cosby, Brad Pitt, Lucy Liu, David Letterman, Amber Mariano (From Survivor!), Johnny Carson, Alicia Keys, Stephen Spielberg, Dr. Seuss, Laura Bush, Colonel Sanders.


– All Apollo 11 astronauts were fraternity men

– Around 85% of Fortune 500 CEOs are Greek society members.

CC photograph courtesy of “NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Centre” on Flickr

(This rocket had all Greeks in it!)

So cool, but whatever. A whole pile of famous Americans are members of Greek societies. What about Greeks from the University of Alberta?

Well to start, every single one of our current Students’ Union executives are members of a Greek society.

Many student groups’ executive and member base consist of Greeks.

Many Wanderer writers are Greek! (And of course me!)

Some notable Ualberta Greeks:

Peter Lougheed, Francis Winspear, Clare Drake, Randy Gregg, Jay Ingram, James Prentice.

Feeling starstruck? The list doesn’t end there.  In the world there are more than 9 million members in every facet of life.  Your favorite movies, TV shows, books, music and practically everything has connection to someone in a Greek fraternity/sorority.

(Six degrees of separation all up in this!)

To the news…

On Tuesday, Pike and FIJI had a hockey game, where Pike defeated FIJI 2-0 and many campus food bank donations were collected!

Lucky for the Campus Food Bank, the Delta Chi 500 is happening on Saturday, November 17 where many Greeks will be racing around the blocks to try and collect the most donations!

Kappa Sigma will be donating all the funds raised from their Hairbutch Charity on November 8 to Valour Place. Be at Telus 150 at 5 pm to give some Kappa Sigmas and other Greeks a special haircut that they’ll have to wear for a week.

Coming up right away is Pi Beta Phi’s Speed Read. On November 19th Greeks will be able to participate in reading events with all funds raised going to First Book.

Finally Greek God and Goddess is getting closer. November 30th. Dancing. Singing. Bands. I don’t think it can get any better than that.

In a few weeks I will begin to do profiles of Greek houses on campus! Send me general facts you’d like to know about each Greek house on campus + the normal things! for my contact.

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