Growing a Mo’? Here’s What You Need to Know | By Sarah Labahn

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The majority of men who have held office as President of the United States have had some sort of facial hair? Look at your boy George Washington or Abe Lincoln and all the success they had, likely influenced by the power and grace exuded through their facial hair. And today, it is your dedication and inability to be swayed by naysayers that will help the moustache continue its adventure.

I for one could not be happier to welcome back Movember in all its glory and scruffy faces. Over the past few years, mo’ culture has gained tremendous mo’mentum, redefining men’s facial hair altogether, so it’s no longer just dads and foreigners sporting the look. Even women are embracing mo’ culture with moustache necklaces, t-shirts and phone cases. After all, manly facial hair is “just the best way to live life.

History of the Mo’

Over the years, the moustache has gone through wars, through love, been painted and been hated – but through all those obstacles and moments of success, there is something that has allowed it to live on. In the late 17th century, Emperor Peter I introduced a beard tax in attempt to modernize Russian society where every man sporting the scruffy look was forced to pay a small fee and in return got a small silver token with the phrase “the beard is a superfluous burden.” But this did not stop the beard from growing, so to speak.

How to Get Started (And Keep It Growin’)

Looking up to someone as a beard role model is a good way of keeping you on track and away from the razor because when you look at that picture, remember this: if he can grow that kind of beard, so can I. And there is no doubt that some of the biggest complaints about growing a beard is that it gets itchy when it’s too stubbly and has that awkward middle hair phase between your clean-shaven period and when it has filled out. Even the most outrageous beards had to go through that awkward phase. But remember to work with what you got. So if genetics just so happen to give you the chance to grow a full beard, do it. But if you have the most growth around your chin, embrace that!

You also have to protect and care for your growing facial friend. This may surprise you, but in medieval times, knights had carefully crafted armour specifically designed to guard their facial hair and although you may not be going to war or battle, your mindset should be just as protective. Condition your beard just as you would your hair and try to rinse it out after meals because although it’s funny, there’s nothing worse than having spaghetti sauce dried onto the tips of your moustache at the end of the night. And if your moustache is growing out nicely, you may want to consider investing in some moustache wax to keep the tips out of your mouth.

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Some people think that the more you shave your beard, the thicker it will come in the next time, but really the only part that gets thicker each time is the very tips of each hair follicle because that’s the part your razor damaged the most. Meaning that shaving your face often will not actually help you grow a thicker beard, only letting it grow out will.

One final thing. If your significant other ever asks you to shave your moustache off because it itches their lips, just remember what Jarod Kintz said in 99 Cents For Some Nonsense: “People call me “Mustache,” because I have an eyebrow on my upper lip. When I close my lips it’s like a wink and a kiss combined. It’s like lust overload.” And you should never let that lust die.

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