Halloween Weekend Music Pump-up! | By David McBean

Once again, Halloween is around the corner. Hopefully you are unlike me and haven’t left planning your costume until the last minute. This weekend is one of the busiest party weekends of the year, so here is some music to get you excited for Halloween. Whether you’re partying with “spirits,” or handing out candy to some freaky-looking kids, why not have some spooky beats to go along with it?

First off are three great remixes of the quintessential Halloween song: Thriller. First up is Hervé, who has one of the most distinctive wobbly sounds of electro. His releases lately have been a little silent, so hopefully we hear some more of his distinctive bass soon. This remix is a classic, and definitely my favourite remix of Thriller – I still play it at parties. Next is the Louis La Roche remix, which brings a more funky light to MJ. Lastly is a free download of the Thriller on Acid by FYOR. This remix just came out and I feel it’s going to be the go-to club remix.

Cheap Thrills – Herve

Thriller – Louis La Roche Remix

FYOR – Thriller on Acid

Now what happens when you cross Diplo with Sleigh Bells? Well the result is absolutely crazy. This new remix by Diplo takes Sleigh Bell’s haunting lyrics and adds Diplo’s trap hype. The first time I heard the second drop in this song I thought the apocalypse was coming. Be sure to grab this free track.

Demons (Diplo Remix) –Sleigh Bells

Next is Nero’s remix of “Stress” by Justice. Stress already is one of the scariest and, without a doubt, most stressful electronic songs ever created. Nero somehow takes it and amplifies the song to a new level. An interesting fact about this song: the original sample actually is from Modest Mussorgsky’s composition “Night on Bald Mountain” that’s in the 1940s film Fantasia. It’s the song with the big demon on the mountain eating the fire people. That’s some scary stuff.

Angst – Nero 

Now for a hilarious drumstep remix of the theme of Nightmare Before Christmas. This song is also free to download, so if you want to really scare some children this year definitely download it.

This is Halloween (Whiiite Remix) – The Nightmare Before Christmas

Last year the Crookers released the only song I have ever heard that samples maniacal laughing. It is appropriately named “That Laughing Track”.

That Laughing Track – Crookers ft Style of Eye

Finishing off this Halloween music list is the classic electro song “Zombies!” By Designer Drugs. This song sounds like it comes straight out of a future-space-zombie-horror movie. So if you need a new alarm clock sound to wake up suddenly to, listen to this.

Zombies! Designer Drugs

Thanks for checking out this week’s Music Pump-up!

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