Harry Chandler: ready for business

From his first days at Augustana Campus as a first-year student to his upcoming graduation in 2013, Harry Chandler has travelled a long way, both geographically and spiritually, over the last years. During his time on campus, Harry has served as a committed member of the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity and as the VP Events of the Business Students’ Association. These contributions would all merit consideration for the Top 100; however, it is his contribution to the Business Finance Association in 2012 that truly goes above the call.

In 2012, Harry brought a dose of energy to the BFA, contributing significantly to the student experience within the School of Business. He recruited a wide range of speakers to campus, thus providing professional development opportunities for many business students. On top of this, Harry’s involvement in the school appears to know no bounds. He’s a legend in the Chillin’ for Charity dive hosted by JDC West, and has made important contributions to the 5 Days for the Homeless campaign.

Harry will one day be a distinguished alumni from the School of Business, and this will happen sooner rather than later. Yet, he brings a humility to his interactions with others that is refreshing. In short, Harry is one of the leading students in his faculty, and one to be proud of: an engaged volunteer, committed academic and above all else, a true friend.

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