Hassaan Qadri: business time

Hassaan Qadri is one of the most multi-faceted people at the University of Alberta. Depending on who you talk to he is a friend, a peer, a buddy, a co-worker, a pal, a mentor, a chum, and a teacher, but there is common ground in that he is simply a phenomenal person. He has truly made the most out of his time, and is proof that when you challenge yourself great things will happen.

The idea of a ‘work-life balance’ is one many students struggle with, and it becomes increasingly difficult to find this balance as one strives to accomplish more and more. Without listing his numerous accomplishments, accreditations, and positions (due to risk of carpal tunnel syndrome), Hassaan is the perfect example of the search for this balance. While he may not have perfected the balance (due to the impossibility of the task), the remarkable part is the way in which he constantly re-evaluates, reflects, and adapts this ideal balance to changing circumstances.

Hassaan has devoted a large amount of time to contributing positively to the University of Alberta. Either by volunteering heavily in student organizations, representing the school at national and international business competitions, or coordinating an entire course for first-year business students, he has positively impacted the lives of those who surround him.

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