Have you Been to These Four Award-Winning Edmonton Coffee Shops? | The Wanderer Culture

In reading through Mack Male’s notes for April 28 2013, we came across this interesting little project by the Canadian Sharp Magazine. The Sharp project attempts to profile the 25 best coffee shops in Canada, which you can read about here. It turns out that four of them make the list, with two out of these four right on the edge of the University of Alberta campus: Leva and Transcend. The other two are Elm and Credo, both of which are high-quality venues themselves. So next time you’re on a date, or if you’re looking to explore the city’s finest food offerings, then head down to Elm, Credo, Transcend or Leva. You might have to wait for a free seat or two, but your adventure will be well worth it.

CC photograph courtesy of khym54 on Flickr. 

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