Heather Robertson: President, Folkgraphis Frames

Heather is a second generation entrepreneur, having acquired Folkgraphis from her father 8 years ago. Working with her brother as Vice President, Heather has grown the company from one location to providing coverage from Vancouver to Northwestern Ontario.

Long lead times, expensive waste costs and relatively fast market trends means that with specialised products, supporting clients requires tightly-managed inventory processes. Moreover, Folkgraphis has invested in cutting-edge computer-controlled laser cutters to provide innovative matting solutions for custom orders including memorabilia and collectibles.

Folkgraphis also uses leading materials management solutions to ensure that their inventory is managed effectively on a wholesale basis. With over $1.5M in inventory in their organization at any time, it is important to manage effectively. A significant portion of their inventory is their Roma Moulding line, made in Italy with unparalleled quality and creativity.

Over the last few years, Folkgraphis has doubled in size through expansion of territory, covering Vancouver Island to Northwestern Ontario. This was done through the addition of a location in Vancouver and by consistently providing top-tier quality products including Roma Moulding line of wood products.


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