How do I Tell a Nice Guy I Don’t Want to Date Him? Wanderer Online Sex Advice | By Gina Wicentowich

How do I tell a really nice guy I don’t want to date him because he’s just too socially awkward for me?

– Looking for a way to nicely reject someone

What’s worse than douche bags? The nice guys. The ones who constantly tell you you’re beautiful and bring you surprise cupcakes. Because… these are the guys we never fall for. Girls, secretly, like trying to earn something- a challenge. Because if it’s too easy then it doesn’t make you feel like you accomplished anything. Also, I find nice guys cry. I don’t know how to deal with a guy crying.

Boys, I understand we’re intimidating. I understand we smell good and can walk in heels and that may be a bit overwhelming for you. However, DO NOT FEAR! Girls tend to give a million hints when we’re not into you; and they tend to get more blatant the more annoyed we get.

I’m assuming that you are not leading this guy on (because that would be harsh! Don’t make the nice ones cry!) I think most girls go by the classic stand-by… the fade away. I’ll explain this for you kind-hearted folk. The fade away is when you slowly stop texting someone. At first your responses get shorter and shorter, and then one line: “How are you?” “Good.” “What you doing this weekend?” “Nothing.” Then we start taking hours to text you back, approximately three-five hours. If you still don’t get the hint then we just stop responding to your texts. And if you fight this and keep texting us every day… that’s when we come to the point where girls don’t know what to do.

Now, the only option is to be completely straight with this guy. And I don’t mean half-assing this. Go big or go home. You text him and say, “I really like talking to you, as friends. And I would like to keep you as a friend. But I’m not interested in you as more than a friend and I thought you deserved to know that; you deserve the truth.” If you say, “I’m sorry but I actually really like someone else,” it’ll work… for a short-time. Give it a couple of months and he’ll come back! He won’t realize the subliminal message in that response: “You’re friggin’ weird so please leave me alone.” However, I got to give some respect to the guys, because at least with them the honesty method works. He’ll understand and sadly, your friendship will be ruined… but at least he’ll get it. Even when guys sometimes use the slap-in-the-face method to girls we still don’t stop. We’re persevering. And sometimes cray cray.

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