How Questionable Canada West Scheduling Messed Up My Day | By Emerson Csorba

It’s 11:30 am and I’m feeling pretty good. Though it’s Saturday, I’ve already fit in a solid 10 k run, Hobbes readings, studying and breakfast at the Sugarbowl with a friend. I’m sitting in front of the Mac’s next to Hudson’s on Campus, waiting for Darren Tardif and Sansitny Ruth to arrive. We’re going to the Pandas soccer game at Foote Field, taking place in 30 minutes, at noon. As the time passes, I grow slightly nervous. It’s 11:50 am, the game starts in ten minutes, and both Darren and San aren’t here. Five minutes later, Darren arrives, followed by San several minutes after that. It’s 11:58, and we’ll be about 10 minutes late for the game, but that doesn’t matter. Slurpees in hand, an endorphin high from the morning run and I’m stoked to hit the LRT, destination South Campus.

Fast-forward ten minutes, and we’re there. We step out from the LRT, walk briskly toward Foote Field, and hear the cheers of high school football parents sitting in the stands. As the soccer pitch comes into view, the net looks empty. Maybe the game just got started late, I tell myself. It’s possible that the players are at mid-field, as the national anthem plays. We get closer and closer to the field, and it seems that nobody is on the field. “Emerson, I’m pretty sure that you told me 2 pm in your e-mail,” Darren tells me. “I was wondering why you asked to meet at 11:30 today; you said the game was at 2.”

We’re standing on the field, and there’s only one person in sight: some guy working on the field’s white lines. There’s 90 minutes to kill, so I run around the Foote Field track barefoot to pass the time, as San and Darren work on their long jump in the sandpits. Later, I run up and down the hills behind the north end of the field, as San works on his parkour, jumping over garbage cans and benches that he’s placed together (thankfully the Stollery isn’t too far away). Finally, one of us yells to the man on the field: “The game’s at 2 pm, right?”

“Nope, it’s tomorrow at 2 pm,” he responds. I overhear this.


As you might imagine, I’m livid. We pretty much know the result of the game, but Darren’s taken time out of his day to LIVE-TWEET, and San has his camera with him. Moreover, I just really enjoy Bears and Pandas soccer, and I view Saturdays and Sundays from noon till 4 pm as soccer time, usually with a few friends and slurpees in hand.

Now, I could end here, but I have one more thing to say: fuck you Canada West, fuck you.

For the first time in memory (i.e. the last three years), Canada West’s soccer schedules are so messed-up that there’s JUST ONE WEEK where both the Bears and Pandas play back-to-back at Foote. This year, the teams are constantly on the road, and they rarely play in Edmonton at the same time. I’m not sure what precipitated this, but I assume it’s the addition of (average) teams to the men’s and women’s leagues. So on that note, fuck you Mount Royal, UNBC and Winnipeg.

If it’s any consolation, it was nice goofing around Foote Field, running on the track, climbing stuff and just passing time. But watching a Pandas game would have been a bit better. Now I just have to wait for tomorrow.

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