How to Dramatically Increase your Results in a 10 Minute Warm Up | By Michael Dietrich

I have been wanting to write about this for a very long time. It’s something that not nearly enough people utilize to reach their goals.

On popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and many others, I see people posting 100s of motivational photos. Now don’t get me wrong, I love these. Yes they are motivational, encouraging and I really do like and appreciate when people post them. However, although the intent is good and the idea is on track, this motivation can be taken to a whole new level. Our emotions are enormously powerful: they come from deep inside us and fuel our mind. If you are able to make a deep emotional connection and transfer that into your training you will achieve results never thought possible. 

I am going to share something extremely personal and talk about what is going on inside my mind during my training to give you an example of what exactly I mean. Of course my motivation and thoughts are ever-changing; however, my current mindset has even surprised me and I would like to share.

A little background…

I was on a 3 week trip in paradise as a birthday gift from my amazing girlfriend Danica, in beautiful Costa Rica. On my third day into the trip I got a call from my Mom telling me my sister had been in an accident. Immediately, my heart sank and listened helplessly as she went on. Mom explained that she had been involved in a very serious accident and she had been put into induced coma. She fought through the tears to tell me the extent of my sister’s injuries. She told me about all her broken bones, her endless stitches. But I heard hesitation in her voice. I knew there was more. I remember saying, “Mom tell me, tell me please.” She told me the surgeon had to amputate below the knee on her left leg. Right then I felt a flood of the most overwhelming, helpless feeling I had ever felt. I was her big brother, I was supposed to protect her and I was supposed to keep her safe. It all felt like a sick joke; I don’t remember much after our phone conversation besides bawling my eyes out, being comforted by Danica. I wanted to rewind time. I wanted to make it better and I wanted to see my sister. I wanted to hold her hand. I needed her. But I couldn’t.

I sent Jessie lots of messages before she woke up. It made me feel so much better and get my thoughts out. Here is a message I sent a couple days before my birthday, when she was still in critical condition.

“I just want to have the best birthday ever and have my sister. Please please hang in there for me Jessie. I am so scared, I need you so badly. People always say you don’t know what you miss until it’s gone and this is way way way too close. I miss you so bad Jessie. Every second that passes by right now I am thinking of you.”

As the days went by, I lived by the computer for any update, email or phone call I could get. On my birthday I got my mom to bring a note with a message I wrote in the sand for her, and give her my favourite teddy bear. When my mom did this Jessie tried to open her eyes and squeezed my mom’s hand. This was the first sign I heard that Jessie was still mentally there. I felt a huge relief, a very positive sign.

As the trip went on, I got daily updates of her progressive recovery.

Three weeks later I was on my flight home and all I could think about was seeing her. When I got home, my dad picked me up and we were off to see Jessie. When I walked into her room I will never forget the feeling I had. I knew at that moment that my life living wasn’t always about me. Even with swelling, cuts, bruises, cords, IVs, hoses and a hospital gown, she was still the most beautiful precious sister in the world. Weeks went by and I tried to spend as much time with her as I possibly could around my work schedule. During this time, I saw Jessie fight so hard. She endured unimaginable pain. Pain that most of us will never endure at any point in our life.

This was absolutely heart-breaking to watch; I just wanted to take it away, I wanted to make it better. I’m not sure how many surgeries she went though in a matter of days, but it was around seven. She was a fighter through it all. I can honestly and whole-heartedly say seeing Jessie fight through this changed my life. It’s not fair to describe what she went through because really I have no idea what it was like but she went through hell and back and somehow has maintained the most positive uplifting attitude you could ever imagine. When I would visit her she would tell me stories that would make me laugh so hard I would almost puke. We would joke and laugh for hours and hours and hours. How she did this I have no idea. She is mentally the strongest person I have never met.

It has now been three months since the accident and Jessie is inspiring me day in and day out. A picture is worth 1000 words so rather than continuing her story I thought I would let you see where she is at. It is incredible and I am so proud of her.

Mike and Jessie

Back to the title: How to drastically increase your results in a ten-minute warm up.” This title may at first glance seem misleading, but it could not be further from the truth. During my ten-minute warm up I think about Jessie. I think about that first phone call, I think about how close I was to losing her, I think about seeing her fight through the weeks of unbearable pain. These thoughts trigger emotions inside me that get me focused, motivated and ready to take on anything. Once you are in a state of mind like this, nothing around you matters. Immaculate focus and determination will put you above every other person that simply goes through the motions, which most people you see are doing. NOT YOU, you are in your mind, in your own world surrounded by thoughts and feelings that put your mind and work and energy into the task at hand. It is truly incredible.

To use this technique sit down and think about, even write down what really gets you going. It can be something that makes you mad, sad, happy. It could be past memories, feelings, truly anything you have a deep emotional connection with. Do this, and during your next warm up, listen to music that helps those feelings brew inside your mind, feel those deep emotions that get you going. (I would love to hear from people that are trying this for the first time and people that do this on a regular basis. Getting inside people’s minds is fascinating and is where greatness comes from.)

Thank you again to everyone for reading my article. I really hope that out of any of them, you take this to heart and try it for yourself. I would love to hear about the change in your workout routine after using this.

Jessie, I know you will be reading this and as I have said 100000 times (though I never mean it any less):

I love you, you mean the world to me.

-Michael Dietrich

Cover photograph by Skye Oleson-Cormack

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  • Petros

    UNBELIEVABLE PIECE. Amazing article, Michael. Amazing article…

  • George Uzymirski

    Hi Michael. What an uplifing article about your 10 minute warmup and about sister Jessie. What you’ve spoke about I’ve gone through and my emotions come out physically by talking about it and praying for God’s blessings in our daily lives. I cherish each day now more than before, smile, inspire others. Your trip to costa rica really hit home big time. I know your future endeavours will touch and motivate others. Give a real big hug to Jessie again and trust she’s progressing each day & hope she can be in orlando next June 2013 for our big semi-annual amputee coaltion convention there and 900 plus folks.

    Were booked a week there before the 3 day convention would be an eye opener meeting new friends, seeing many new products in the exhibit hall, and wind up banquet. As promised I would fly her out to orlando myself on airmiles, or pay the hotel room plus get you a room. Please always check and sign up getting a pw for free to read magazine online free is out every two months. Our hoilday was great and got home sept 4 but was sick a week earlier until now and getting over acute bronchitis for 3 weeks now is close to healed up.

    Take care guys. were on face book now.