Ian Moore: the optimist

Ian graduated with a double major in Political Science and Human Geography in 2012. During his time at the University of Alberta, Ian was known as a tireless crusader for sustainability. I met Ian when he worked as an Associate Director for the Environmental Coordination Office of Students (ECOS). In 2010 he became Director, and recognizing the interconnectedness of social, economic and environmental challenges, he undertook the initiative to transform ECOS into Sustain SU. Expanding the mandate allowed the organization to effectively address the intrinsic complexities of sustainability.

Of all his accomplishments in his role, he expresses the greatest pride in the people involved with Sustain SU. As Director, he made a conscious effort to foster leadership with his volunteers through consensus-based decision-making. As a result, Sustain SU has one of the most cohesive and engaged volunteer groups on campus.

Since graduation, Ian has continued to promote sustainability, citizenship, and  democratic engagement. Over the past year he has worked with the Centre for Public Involvement (CPI) and Alberta Climate Dialogue (ABCD) on a number of innovative public involvement initiatives. Most recently, Ian was part of the team that coordinated the Citizens’ Panel on Edmonton’s Energy and Climate Challenges. He hopes to apply much of what he has learned during these projects to his graduate studies in policy and governance starting in fall 2013.

Additionally he is a talented musician and enjoys playing his clarinet, viola and guitar. He is also very passionate about local and sustainable food. To share his love of food, he invites everyone—including you!—to come for dinner at one of his semi-regular Open Door Dinner Club meetings. But above all, Ian is a loyal and dependable friend who believes that kindness should never be restrained and optimism is always worth the effort.

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