Imma Let You Finish: Faculty of Arts Goes All Kanye West on Twitter | The Wanderer Online

Yesterday, on September 17, the Faculty of Arts pulled a Kanye West on Twitter. Kanye is known for his random Twitter rants, writing what seems to be a short novel in countless tweets of 140 characters or less. It’s pretty hilarious, and it seems that the Faculty of Arts communications person thinks so too. But rather than just laugh at Kanye’s antics, the faculty went one step further, posting an astounding THIRTY tweets in about two hours during Dean Lesley Cormack’s State of the Faculty Address. We’ve included several of the tweets below, and though we’d love to post the entire story, it would probably take several hours.

To see the entire conversation, go here, or just search #artsdean on Twitter.

Really philosophical stuff 

Good to know…

And then it ends


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  • Shaun

    Loving the analogy! haha