Immunology Professor Blasts Government for Education Cuts | The Wanderer Editors

This morning Dr. Edan Foley, Associate Professor in the Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology, posted a compelling and eloquent piece responding to the recent mandate letter put forth by the Government of Alberta. We felt it is a definite must-read. Here is an excerpt:

“Parents have an intuitive understanding for the obvious truth that our children don’t come in a single convenient size and our entire education system is based on that understanding. Educators recognize the unique potential in each student and tailor their education to nurture that potential. Likewise, our schools and post-secondary institutions are tailored to the different skill sets within our community of students. This elemental truth in education is now under attack. In his vision for Alberta, the minister plans to impose a lowest-common denominator standard of education on all institutions. The identities of educational programs at the different institutions are to be blended into an insipid flavour palatable to the less imaginative elements of our ministry. Programs will be eliminated where possible with the obvious reality that educators and administrators will lose their jobs. Our students face a future with fewer programs and less financial support. Apparently, we have downsized our hopes and aspirations to a point where mediocrity is now an accomplishment worth investing in.”

Read the full piece on Edan’s blog, here.

You can also check out some of the Dredd-ful research going on at the Foley Lab, here.

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