Interested in International Affairs? Check it. | By Dave Jones

For students, it’s often difficult to become involved in organizations or attend events that are actually engaging. Excuse my cynicism, but somewhere deep down; you all know what I’m talking about. For those of us interested in international relations, it proves to be even more difficult. Or so I thought. And then I stumbled onto the Canadian International Council and attended a few events. I’ve been exceedingly impressed with the quality of discourse and the caliber of speakers they have had.

Last week, they hosted an event related to International Week at the University of Alberta, where students were able to talk to professionals in a variety of fields with differing international experience. On Tuesday evening, they hosted Peter Kujawinski, the US Consul-General for Alberta, Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories. He spoke extensively on the future of Canada-US relations, Keystone XL and provided some insight into the operations, opportunities and challenges that face an American diplomat. Their AGM is in March, and it is definitely worth attending.

This may sound like a bit of a promo piece for them, and in a sense it is. Organizations like this provide a great service to the community and allow interested parties to deepen their knowledge and connections. If this is a field you’re even remotely interested in, check out their website, follow them on Twitter and hopefully make it out to an event in the future!

As an aside, their website is a great resource for both brief and extended analysis of a variety of international issues.

Dave is in his third year of an Honours Political Science and Economics degree. Or at least that’s the plan for this week. 

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