Invasion of the Fannibals: Edmonton Expo Edition | By Tylar Hamblett

Mads Mikkelsen has been in his fair share of films and television shows — Casino Royale and King Arthur to name the blockbusters, not to mention plenty of projects in his native Denmark. But last year he embarked on the famous role of Hannibal Lecter; previously seen in books written by Thomas Harris and later immortalized by Anthony Hopkins in a series of films about the famous cannibal.

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to attend his spotlight panel at the Edmonton Comic Expo — he’s extremely dreamy in person by the way — and I actually gained a lot of insight into his character, as well as some fun facts.

Here are some of the great questions asked as well as his equally-great answers.

Mikkelsen was asked if he could be cooked into any meal which it would be, his response? Something Asian.

Also if you were wondering if he reads Hannibal fan fiction, he didn’t even know what it was. He doesn’t use any social media at all, and when he asked the host to explain to him exactly what fan fiction was, she replied with, “I’ll tell you when you’re older”. (Here’s hoping he looked it up when he got back to his hotel room).

Hannibal was filmed in Canada, but when asked about what his favourite Canadian dish was, he responded that he hasn’t had any. His reaction to a description of poutine? “That’s just wrong!” Don’t think we will allow him to become an honourary Canadian anytime soon.

When asked about how his fan base has changed since starting Hannibal: “People are wearing funny things on their heads, they are ‘fannibals’ and wear flower crowns. Doing TV has an enormous impact, very different than film, because you are coming into people’s living rooms, it has a big impact on people’s lives.”

Fun fact: all of the meals seen on Hannibal are real, but of course instead of human meat, they eat whatever meat Hannibal Lecter is playing it off as. Janice Poon is the food stylist for the series and she prepares all of the meals.

One last great quote to leave you with would be Mikkelsen’s idea of how Dr. Lecter lives his life: “He has no time for banalities, he has no time for bad wine, bad food or bad company. He is living his life how we all wish to, minus his one bad habit.” That’s quite the understatement.

Hannibal it is currently streaming on Netflix (and makes a great binge-watch, ESPECIALLY if you have something really important to do that you are procrastinating). It will return to NBC for its third season in 2015.


Photography courtesy of Wanderer Online Photographer Brad Lam

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