Is the Education Students’ Association Heading out of Probation? This Seems to be the Case | The Wanderer Student Politics

In the upcoming November 6 Students’ Council meeting, the Education Students’ Association is presenting to the 30 or so student representatives regarding its achievements made while on probationary status. Over the last 15 months, the ESA has been placed on probation, where it works closely with the Students’ Union to improve its financial procedures, elections, etc. Here is an interesting snippet from the upcoming meeting’s order papers that suggests the ESA is on its way out of probation:

The Education Students’ Association was placed on probation in August 2011 in response to concerns of deficient elections and financial procedures. Since then, they have worked tremendously hard to update their constitution and policy document and re-engage their membership. As part of their probationary process, the ESA will report on their progress over the past 15 months. They will also discuss their strategic plan moving forward, and how they will ensure that the progress made is transitioned year to year. The COFA Senior Board has seen this presentation, and recommended that the ESA is recognized as a non- probationary Faculty Association. 

On November 6, two reps from the ESA will be on hand at Students’ Council to both make a presentation and then answer questions thrown their way.

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