It’s -10 with Windchill, There’s Snow on the Ground and it’s RAINING | The Wanderer Campus Pulse

For Edmonton’s little trick-or-treaters, -16 was the Halloween temperature once windchill was factored in. Though weather concerns the parents accompanying their kids more than the kids themselves (the kids are running from door to door; parents stand still in front of the house), it was still cold to the bone for EVERYONE. As we move into November, it’s more of the same. As of 7 am on Thursday November 1, there’s plenty of snow on the ground, it’s -10 with the windchill AND IT’S RAINING. This morning’s commute for Edmontonians is going to be treacherous, with cars sliding through intersections and countless pedestrians losing their footing on the icy ground. For tomorrow’s Bears soccer game, the match might be more akin to a hockey game than a footy contest.

The weekend calls for +1 and +3 on Saturday and Sunday, respectively, which is an improvement. But it seems that the beautiful Edmonton weather is long behind us.

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  • Sydney

    There’s freezing rain and I haven’t fallen on my arse yet today!! I’m calling this an early success.