It’s Official: Udacity and the University of Alberta Hook up for some MOOC-ing | By Emerson Csorba

At the beginning of the fall semester, Sebastian Thrun, a Stanford professor and founder of Udacity, came to Edmonton to speak about online education in a packed U of A lecture theatre. At the time, we anticipated that Udacity and the University of Alberta might form a partnership in order to develop online courses within the U of A, perhaps taking advantage of the university’s expertise in super computing. Though their agreement doesn’t yet call for massive open online courses on the scale outlined by Sydney Rudko, the agreement is ground-breaking for the university, ushering in what may be a new era in U of A online courses.

Sheila Pratt’s Edmonton Journal article provides a summary of the agreement, while highlighting Dean of Science Jonathan Schaeffer’s role in bringing Udacity to Edmonton. We suggest you take a look!

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