Jenifer Christenson: Executive Director, Built Green Canada

Jenifer Christenson has over 20 years experience in the marketing communications industry. Her experience is extensive and includes strategic planning; reputation management; stakeholder, government and media relations; branding; marketing; corporate communications; program development; fundraising and leadership, financial and management experience. She has worked in various sectors and won 35+ awards at a municipal, provincial, national, and international level. Jenifer was one of three Canadians chosen for an international delegation presenting on branding and marketing, has served on the board of the Edmonton Arts Council and Catalyst Theatre, and Jenifer holds a Master of Arts in Intercultural and International Communication.

As the child of a clergyman and social worker, she did not grow up in the business community and was impacted by the inclusiveness within the Edmonton region. Having worked in various sectors, her connection to the business community is grounded in its interconnectivity and the reoccurring conviction of what this region can become by working together. She believes that when we connect with others, purpose-to-purpose, our passions are evoked. and that it is here we construct what might be.

Built Green Canada is a national, industry-driven organization committed to working with builders, developers, homeowners, and all orders of government—all those committed to a stronger residential construction industry. The organization offers environmental programs for single family, high density and renovation projects with a communities program under development. Founded in 2003, this growing organization has representation in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario, and is headquartered out of Edmonton, Alberta.



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