Jenny McCarthy Joins the View, Makes Show the Most Watched Science Program in North America | By Sydney Rudko

Earlier this week while you perused the news headlines you probably saw a snippet that ABC has added Jenny McCarthy (of Playboy, and Oprah fame) to the panel on the successful morning show, The View.  While this news went unnoticed by some, many in the science community are perturbed by the news, myself included. I had never paid much attention to the D-list celebrity until last year when I read one of my now favourite books, The Panic Virus, by popular science writer Seth Mnookin. Seth also writes a blog of the same title on PLOS Blogs, and yesterday he decided to post the chapter from his book that deals with Jenny McCarthy. It elaborates on why she is a dangerous force in pseudo-science and anti-vaccine campaigns that cripple not only the health of individuals, but of our entire population. This is a definite must read. 

The chapter is broken down into four parts. They can be read through the links below:

A Jenny McCarthy Reader, Pt 1: The birth of a star and an embrace of “Crystal Children”

A Jenny McCarthy Reader, Pt 2: Jenny brings her anti-vaccine views to Oprah

A Jenny McCarthy Reader, Pt 3: Jenny legitimizes the scientific fringe

A Jenny McCarthy Reader, Pt 4: The real dangers of Jenny’s advice


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  • Matt Heide

    I think just the fact that Jenny McCarthy is a the most identifiable advocate with the anti-vacs movement speaks volumes. And to play a brief devils advocate, lets say all the fringe psuedo -science is right, I would rather take the marginal risk of being somewhere on the scale of autism that getting Polio. Do anti-vacs community know how bad polio is and that if you don’t vaccinate for it you have a real measurable chance at getting it.