Jessa Aco: Madam President

The Business Students’ Association is among the largest student organizations on campus, with hundreds of volunteers and a non-stop, around-the-clock calendar. Despite this, Jessa is now wrapping up one of the most successful and impressive presidential years in the association’s recent history. Among Jessa’s numerous accomplishments in 2012 are winning the Canadian Association of Business Students’ Best Initiative of the Year Award, a significant feat that garnered national attention for the BSA.

One of the greatest reflections of a strong presidency is a strong elections turnout, and Jessa did just this. In the early-2013 BSA executive elections, the various executive positions were tightly-contested, with the student voting turnout breaking 30%. It takes an adept and dedicated leader to do this, and Jessa fits the bill. Self-aware, an eloquent speaker and quick-thinker, Jessa defines diligence. When challenges sit in her path, Jessa is always able to tackle them head-on.

Jessa’s commitment to excellence and her professional approach have already taken her far in life. In 2012, she accomplished more than many students do in an entire degree. Tremendous things are in store for the School of Business’ remarkable young leader, so be sure to keep an eye on her!

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