Jordan Baker: the perfect man

I have had the opportunity to play with many outstanding athletes over the years, and it is difficult to find one quite like Jordan Baker. Competitively, there are very few people – university athletes, or students – who compare to him. In all honesty, I was not sure whether his nomination was for athletics or academics; that’s just how successful he has been.

Being best friends with Jordan since the seventh grade, I’ve had the privilege of watching him transform into one of, if not the, most dominating Golden Bears’ basketball players in history. He has been the most talked about athlete on campus since his rookie season, and for good reason. Jordan is the type of player you can build an entire program around. I cannot think of anyone who has worked as hard as he has to get to where he is today. He deserves every award, recognition and record that comes his way. Jordan’s attitude will not ever allow him to stagnate or stop improving and it is exciting to imagine what he will accomplish in the future.

I credit so much of my competitive spirit and love for sport to Jordan and his family. His desire, work ethic, attitude and leadership is contagious, and I believe anyone who has ever played with him knows the feeling. Young student-athletes will find a remarkable role model in Jordan Baker. With his talent, successes, attitude and dedication, he has more than earned his place in this Top 100 list.

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