Julie Picard and Céline Nolette: Co-Founder, Creative Coco’Nuts

Creative Coco’Nuts is an Edmonton-based marketing and design studio. Their energetic team immerses themselves in their work and utilizes their passion to craft compelling narratives, experiences and creative content. Creative Coco’Nuts’ full service studio is a collaborative environment where the work is approached with a consultative manner. Their expertise is in the areas of branding, web design, print, signage and marketing.

Incorporated back in 2009, Creative Coco’Nuts was founded as a partnership by the power duo Julie Picard and Céline Nolette. Individually, their passion for beauty and design pushes them to seek out inspiration in their experiences, travels, cultures, nature, as well as in the arts. Together, they strive to serve clients to the best of their abilities in either English or French. One of Creative Coco’Nuts’ core values is its involvement in the community. Over the years, they have invested time in different youth programs that cultivate better nutrition awareness and active lifestyles.  They are also active members of the Chamber of Commerce of Alberta and strive to make new business connections everyday.




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