Jumping into Ice-Cold Water in Quad: Chillin’ for Charity is Coming | The Wanderer Events

On Wednesday November 14 from 11:15 am to 12:30 pm, around 150 U of A students will jump into an ice-cold pool of water – OUTDOORS. The event? The seventh annual Chillin’ for Charity, put on by JDC West students from the School of Business. If you’ve strolled through Quad during the last few years while this event was taking place, then you know exactly what Chillin’ for Charity is. Tons of students dressed up in elaborate costumes, taking a run at a mega-pool set in snowy quad. The low for Wednesday is only -6, which makes the event much more bearable for those afraid of having a heart-attack upon landing in the pool. Note: you will lose your breath once you land in the water, but three hot-tubs await you for the next 20 minutes of relaxation.

Proceeds for the event go to the United Way, which makes standing outdoors with nothing but swim-trunks on a wee bit more worth it. For students that have participated in the past, they know full well that once a few brave souls have jumped into the water, the snow around the pool begins to freeze, leading to do some treacherous and jagged run-ups for those jumping into the pool during the later portions of the event.

If you haven’t signed-up yet, you can do so by checking out their Facebook page here. From there, follow the link to the Chillin’ for Charity website. Facebook indicates that 106 students are attending, as of 8:30 am on Monday; however, it is rumoured that 150 students and U of A staff will participate in 2012 – a marked jump from last year’s total of approximately 50 students.

There’s still time to put a team together for Chillin’ for Charity. If you do, you’ll be sure to remember the polar bear plunge when you reminisce about your university experience that was.

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