Just Call me Carly Bradshaw | By Carly Richman

Carrie Bradshaw became one the most iconic and influential women in television, and just for being Carrie. Every single woman dreamt of living her New York City life, wearing those remarkable shoes and finding their very own Big. Now whether you watched Sex and the City (SATC) or not, everyone knows Carrie Bradshaw and her zest for life, love and labels.  She lived her life the way she intended to. Alongside three friends only television could generate, a freelance writing position at Vogue and shackin’ up in a rent-controlled NYC apartment, Carrie had the role of a lifetime.  The role I like to call my-soon-to-be-life.

Described vaguely, Carrie Bradshaw was an insightful and complex fictional character that influenced my life in more ways than one. Her undeniable wit and charm gave her stardom and true denotation unlike any other women in television. Her starring attributes were portrayed effortlessly through her quirky and comical style of writing. Carrie spoke through her writing in a fashion that was moving and graceful, yet light-hearted and humorous. She was certainly a blessing to all women who never quite had the right thing to say.  She made sex whimsical and light and relationships comical. All women watching could relate to the voice of Carrie’s.

For once a show had women talking about men as if they were objects. This invoking personality she portrayed influenced me greatly as a writer; she made it so women could voice their opinions about sex, relationships and life, and be heard. Carrie believed that it was imperative to write your personal view to make a point, and it proved right when she captured so many audiences. She encouraged me to simply ignore the scrutiny and own my writing.  The criticism is inevitable so you might as well say the truth.

Now Carrie may have bitten off more than she could chew at times but she always came back stronger, and that is what is most significant. She never once let a bad review or a doubtful editor diminish her dream. Instead, she simply stomped on their useless words with $600 Mary Jane Manolo Blahniks. Now that’s my kind of revenge.

Ms. Bradshaw was an eloquent mess, no doubt, but that is what made her so relatable and so inspiring.  Her always-questionable relationship with Big, and her overall undoubtedly bad luck with men, was all a part of her likeable qualities. Regardless of how messy or how heart wrenching the breakup, Carrie always believed in love. She once said, “no one should ever settle for anything less than butterflies.” Words to live by. In love you should never be settling, and that goes the same for life. Carrie made you believe that everyone has a true destiny and if something or someone doesn’t feel right, get out.

Believe that there is more and that you deserve the life you truly want. To get it you just have to push yourself. Whether it was her devastating breakups with Mr. Big, her emotional relationship with Aiden or her what-seemed-to-be-perfect life with Alexander, Carrie fought for true love. In the end she found it. Her integrity and drive showed that true love does prevail. That you get what you truly want if you fight for it. Carrie inspired a generation to believe in love again. She inspired me to believe in love again. Put aside timing, fate and soulmates, Carrie taught us to believe that love is what you make it. And I fully intend on making love.  Pun quite possibly intended.

Carrie Bradshaw was introduced over ten years ago and became an instant classic. With her provocative language and fashion-forward style, how could she not be a hit? Without the influence of this character so considerably mentioned in this article, SATC would not have been the same. Carrie was never a damsel in distress; she fought her own battles, spoke her own truths and even saved her own knight in shining amour. She was the hero of her own story; the author, the narrator, the antagonist and the protagonist. And she never let anyone write her story for her.  I believe I am the hero of my own story as well, I do not need saving.

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