Kaibree Drake: residence queen

Kaibree Drake is a leader. She is the President of the Residence Halls Association for the current academic year and had led other student groups in the past. She has been intensively involved with residence life, contributed to Résidence Saint-Jean for two years before moving to International House.

The Residence Halls Association represents all students living in residences, mostly focused on advocacy and representation in university governance. Leading this student group is no easy task, as the RHA has to be both visible and accountable to its student members and competent to the university administration.  Having worked with her in the past year, I can testify that Kaibree has shown true leadership qualities in the RHA. Even before she took on this role, she had a clear vision for the group and knew exactly what to do to realize her vision. She has the ability to inspire. She gets her team together to work with her, making the entire organization that much more efficient than it was before.  Every time you see her smile, you can see the confidence in her eyes, you can be certain that you can count on her.

Kaibree is an enthusiastic and hard-working individual. I have no doubt that she is more than deserving to be on the list of Top 100 most influential undergraduate students.

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