Karen MacKenzie: President, MacKintosh Canada

Karen is the Co-Founder and President of MacKintosh Canada, an Aboriginal owned and international consulting company, and ATHAPASKA, an Aboriginal training and development company. She has run her own business and held both faculty and senior management positions.  Karen is a proven leader, a skilled consultant and an empowering coach. She is a highly-respected authority on individual, team and organizational change; the development of strategic alliances, internal venturing, business and strategic planning. Karen is a highly-skilled consultant, leader, professional speaker and facilitator and works with widely diverse groups domestically and internationally including gender, age, culture, educational background, literacy, senior to front-line levels in an organization, and a variety of sectors. She holds an MBA.

Karen brings her traditional knowledge of indigenous ways into the contemporary workplace as this wisdom and way of being reflects the “best practices of high performance organizations”. As an international professional speaker, Karen inspires audiences to find their inner passion and to move forward in the direction of their dreams. She challenges individuals to recognize their own gifts, talents and genius and to “let it all out”. Most importantly she assists individuals, teams and families, organizations and communities from moving where they are today to where they want to be.

Karen has worked in Canada, the US, the UK, Ireland, Eastern Europe, and Africa. Karen is actively involved in the community as a volunteer with the Aboriginal Women’s Professional Association (AWPA) and the Homeless Commission for the city of Edmonton, Alberta. She is a current board member for the Alberta Women Entrepreneurs (AWE). She was also a member of the Council of Elders for Edmonton Catholic Schools. She is the past chair of the Edmonton Aboriginal Urban Affairs Committee and was the first co-chair of Wicihitowin, the Circle of Shared Responsibility and one of the founding board members of the society. She is passionate about supporting the dreams and aspirations of  the Aboriginal community. Karen is a proud Cree-Métis  woman.



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  • Graeme

    A job well done by a great female leader. Wish there were more like her!