Kaylee Galipeau: scout, dancer, businesswoman

It’s hard to imagine a person with a more eclectic set of hobbies than Kaylee Galipeau–dance and business, Harry Potter and hedgehogs, democratic politics and Disney princesses, camping and the colour pink—Kaylee is a girl full of opposites and contradictions. And the truly fantastic part: she doesn’t merely dabble in these and her many other interests, she invests herself with the kind of passion that most people would find exhausting just thinking about. But to Kaylee it’s simply a way of life, she doesn’t know how to do anything halfway. It’s really no surprise she was elected as Scout Canada’s National Youth Commissioner, sits on the Scouts Canada Board of Governors, or was awarded the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal.

From her previous work with Dance-On Dance Society to her ongoing and incredibly extensive work with Scouts Canada, not to mention balancing a full course-load at the University of Alberta, Kaylee always puts in about twice the amount of work that normal people do and she doesn’t even get paid for any of it. I’ve had the peculiar privilege of knowing Kaylee since we were babies and in all that time I can’t remember a moment of her life when she wasn’t involved in the community and volunteering her time to others. I honestly don’t know what she’d do with herself if she didn’t have a million things to do, but I have no doubt a lot of people would find themselves scrambling to fill the void if she ever tried.

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