Kelly Smart: Owner, Kelly’s Pub

Kelly Smart has shown great leadership in her business venture that is now entering its 11th year. This last year, Kelly has opened Kelly’s Pub in the new downtown location. She started off her business venture as a young entrepreneur, a small town girl with a big dream. At the age of 27 she decided it was time to work even harder and live her dream. She pushed her way through the business world and made it work.

She displayed her leadership throughout the years, taking control and guiding her hard-working employees. She’s been an inspiration to many women who knows her success.

The innovations in Kelly’s business are  worth knowing for the public. Many things she does with her business are sincere and heartfelt for the customers. Indeed, many of these customers grow to become life-long customers, and even friends. Having opened on Christmas eve, Kelly serves free meals for customers who have little family in town, who work outside of town or who are simply new to the restaurant.

After all her dinners she personally goes to the shelters with any leftover food. She also does an amazing yearly golf tournament just to get everyone together for a great time. This year’s proceeds went to the SPCA and Cross Cancer.

Simply put, though this is now Kelly’s 11th year in business, she is going stronger than ever.



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