Kendall and Justine Barber: Co-Founders, Poppy Barley

Why is it so difficult to find stylish boots that actually fit? This was the nagging question that led sisters Kendall and Justine Barber to build Poppy Barley Made to Measure. Frustrated by an industry where most footwear is mass-manufactured using only one measurement—foot length—Kendall and Justine set out to create a new standard in the footwear industry. They haven’t looked back.

By combining technology with the art of shoemaking, Poppy Barley is revolutionizing the shoe industry by delivering custom-designed, made to measure shoes at an attainable price point. Beyond delivering perfectly fitted footwear, all products are manufactured with full transparency. Poppy Barley shares production practices, employee wages and factory conditions at Gone are the days of compromising on style, fit, comfort or conscientiousness.

Both founders believe you should start a business you wish existed to truly push boundaries. Before starting Poppy Barley, Justine put her Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Alberta and a Master of Conflict Analysis from the University of Kent to use as she worked in management consulting, green architecture, conflict prevention, and on the implementation of Alberta’s 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness. A BCom grad from the University of Victoria, Kendall went on to study International Business at the Grenoble École de Management in France before landing in Edmonton where she assumed marketing roles for several major Western Canadian companies. For the sisters, Edmonton has proven rich in opportunity and deep in talent. It was the right place to start Poppy Barley. Edmonton shares a passion for challenging conventions and making great companies a community. Kendall and Justine are thankful for Edmonton’s startup community; the loyal homegrown customer base; the supportive local media; and for the insanely talented people they work with everyday.



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