Kerry Diotte’s Parody Account Strikes #YEG Twitter Feeds | By Dongwoo Kim

On May 16, 2013, Dave Cournoyer posted Kerry Diotte’s photos, which were leaked on Facebook. These were clearly taken for campaign purposes. One particular photo — with Diotte’s hands placed awkwardly on his cheeks, like a model in a skincare product ad — or a beauty pageant — grabbed many people’s attention, including that of an anonymous someone who immediately recognized its comedic value. This creative individual set up a Twitter account (@DiottesHands) and first tweeted this on May 18:


Only 42 tweets were published since then, but it immediately gathered a significant following on #yeg Twitter feed — with 1,030 followers (as of 11:00 pm on May 25). This Twitter account features various photos of the purported Diotte’s hands doing stuff, such as:




Unfortunately, @DiottesHands is very selective in reciprocating the follows. So far, it only follows three accounts: Charlie “#TigerBlood” Sheen (@charliesheen), Toronto Mayor Rob Ford (@TOMayorFord), and — Red Carpet Manicure (@redcarpetmani).

Dongwoo Kim (@dongwookim_is studying history and political science at the University of Alberta. He wanders around the university and downtown area. Dongwoo is easily amused and likes Americanos.

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