Kevin Smith: the ubiquitous Greek

The 2012 year was a remarkable one for Kevin Smith, who during his undergraduate degree has established himself as one of the most dedicated members of Greek society. Fresh off the prestigious Greek of the Year Award, as a member of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity, Kevin served as President of this organization and impressed the local community in the process.

Yet, 2012 would throw several challenges at Kevin, who became Orientation Volunteer Coordinator, helping organize several hundred volunteers for the two days of incoming-student activities in September 2012. Kevin helped make Orientation a smooth beginning to the academic year, while balancing a variety of commitments within the Students’ Union, as a councillor for the Faculty of Education and the chair of the Bylaw Committee.

Kevin has certainly left an impact on the university community in 2012, in three very different ways. He has managed to balance these activities while keeping a smile on his face and a stellar attitude, thus securing a spot on the Top 100.

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