Kijiji Ad Asks for New Edmonton Billionaire Daddy | The Wanderer Politics

On October 18, some genius out there posted one hell of an ad on Kijiji, entitled “City of Edmonton looking to trade/swap resident billionaire.” In this beautiful article, which plays on the recent Edmonton Oilers arena debacle, the author outlines some very relevant points. For example, Edmonton is a city that prides itself on building things; sometimes these projects should not focus on the bottom line; and above all else, we need someone charismatic and generous that simply wants to improve the city. Here’s a longer quote from the piece, which you can find here.

A world class city billionaire has what it takes to amass the wealth, but he also knows that some things are worth doing even if they don’t add to the bottom line, he knows that some “bottom lines” are not preceded by a dollar sign. His actions say “thank you world class city for your contribution to my life” in a way that the citizens can only respond with “no, thank YOU.”  A world class city billionaire is loved by his city, not for his ability to amass wealth, but for the skills and the character he shows in using it.

Generally, we’re just impressed with whoever took the time on Thursday to put this article together. You made over 3000 Edmontonians laugh. Good effort, well done.

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