Kirsten Lindquist: NSSA’s star advocate and researcher

The Native Studies Students’ Association plays an integral role on campus, representing the several hundred students in the Faculty of Native Studies. In 2012, the NSSA had a banner year, becoming one of the preeminent faculty associations on campus. Kirsten Lindquist, the Treasurer at the time, played a significant role in the NSSA’s unprecedented success, before transitioning to the role of President (which she currently holds).

Maintaining one of the most well-run student websites on campus, Kirsten seems to never stop going. Whether it’s a highly-attended advocacy workshop with APIRG, events related to the #Idle No More movement, documentaries and panels held in the evenings or responding to questionable articles across the media, Kirsten’s passion is palpable. Without a sincere care for her faculty and human rights issues, it would be impossible to maintain such a voracious work ethic.

Empathetic, kind and fully-engaged, Kirsten is the ideal leader. Kirsten prioritizes collaboration, and this is evident in the way she includes and empowers those around her. In only several years, she has contributed to the development of one of the best student associations on campus, and there is no sign of her slowing down.

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