Kusmu to lead the Students’ Union | The Wanderer Online Elections Team

The Students’ Union elections concluded just about an hour ago with the announcement of results. For the sake of efficiency, here is the quick overview:


President: Petros Kusmu (52%) beat Saadiq Sumar (48%) in the 4th round by a margin of 254 votes

Vice-President Student Life: William Lau (53%) beat Kevin Smith (36%) in the 1st round by a margin of 1012 votes

Vice-President Operations and Finance: Josh Le (uncontested)

Vice-President External: Adam Woods (uncontested)

Vice-President Academic: Dustin Chelen (uncontested)

Board of Governors Representative: Brent Kelly (uncontested)

ISSS FAMF Referendum: Passed with 58%

U-Pass Referendum: Passed with 84%


There were no surprises. After all, four races were uncontested. The presidential race was close, but it was expected, as both Kusmu and Sumar were strong candidates. In case of the VPSL race, Smith was running with the disadvantage of not being able to be on campus to campaign — although the margin of 1012 votes was a little bit surprising. All in all, it was an election that lacked drama and excitement.

A few hours before the election results were announced, the provincial government announced its new budget, which included a 6.8% cut in post-secondary education funding. The university administration will have to revise its financial plans for next year, and a sharp hike in fees is now a looming possibility. The new SU executives face a tough year ahead of them.

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