Lacey Huculak: improv veteran

Lacey Huculak is an enabler for the arts, an advocate for a high caliber of campus life, and a mentor for what a leader should be. She has been Co-President of the University of Alberta Improv Group since 2011, where she co-founded the Notorious Improv Festival – a week long university improv festival that features performers from across Canada. Under her direction, the UIG has created bi-monthly performances on campus, accessible to students. She has also performed twice at UBC’s Impulse festival, is a cast member with Rapid Fire Theatre, and educates others in the art of comedy.

Lacey aso brings comedy to her own daily life, bringing laughter to her friends in the most creative manner possible. Her mini-projects are outrageously hilarious. She was a part of a highly-successful Students’ Union joke candidate, known as Horse with a Gun, bringing joy and hearty laughs to hundreds, if not thousands, of students. Lacey is really one of a kind, an obvious addition to the Top 100. Now go to Rapid Fire Theatre on Friday nights to see her perform!

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